What is Aerial Silk?

Our Aerial Silk classes offer everyone an introduction to this incredible skill! For those unfamiliar with this act, aerial silks are hung from a height, and acrobats will entangle themselves in a variety of ways, allowing them to move about as if floating in the air. It requires you to use muscles you didn’t even know you had, which makes it a fun and engaging workout.

Our Classes

Our classes cater to all skill levels, but as many people have never experienced the silks before, we often teach beginner skills.

Why practice Aerial Silk?

People often say they find clarity and calm during their act, and there are many similarities between Silks and Yoga. There is something different however in practicing endurance and flexibility, while suspended in the air. People must trust themselves, and the knots or ties they have made. It’s a wonderfully serene and meditative process.

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