The Ranch Farm Tour:

We would love to welcome you to join us on our Permaculture Farm Tour. This will take place on our ranch, located in Delicias, Cobano. We are situated between Santa Teresa/Malpais, and Montezuma, on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. 

On this tour, you will learn about our permaculture principles, the plants we use, and the operations on our farm. Here at Awaken, we grow a diverse range of crops and raise many animals. These plants and animals work together in this beautiful tropical environment, allowing us to live sustainably upon the farm. 

This particular tour is suitable for everyone! From travelers to farmers, bloggers to photographers, kids, to corporate executives. All are welcome! We also recommend it highly for those of you who are looking to move to the area. You will develop an appreciation for how life works here at the ranch. On the tour, you will get the opportunity to taste, smell, and see everything our way of life has to offer.  

Time: Recommended time is  4-6 pm

Price: $30 per person

What’s included:

  • Visit our tropical-style greenhouses
  • Learn about water retention and erosion control on the farm
  • Tropical composting on the farm!
  • A tour of our “River Palace” giant treehouse
  • See Joseph’s famous treehouse made of two giant spheres
  • A walkthrough of our food Forest with a beautiful fruit tree orchard
  • Gaze over the Tilapia Ponds – and feed our fish!
  • Experience Goat and Sheep petting and feeding
  • Our incredible Chicken Coop – learn to safely catch them, and get a photo holding one!
  • Exoctic crops! Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coffee, Pineapple: see how they grow!
  • Try samples of local edible trees:  Katuk, Moringa, and various herbs.

Alternate options:

  • The Forest Therapy Tour:  This includes a shorter, 1-hour farm tour, plus a 1-hour nature walk to the river and primary forest.
  • Short Sunset Tour with Dinner:  Available Thurs-Sunday.  For $15 extra we run a shorter tour (1 hour, from 5-6 pm) accompanied by dinner at Wonderland restaurant onsite afterward.
  • Sunset Yoga Tour:  For $15 extra per person, we can arrange the farm tour to happen earlier than usual (from 3:30-4:30 pm), followed by a private yoga class, taught by one of our local instructors. (Minimum 2 people and 2-day notice). 

We cannot wait to have you here at Awaken Retreats!

Our refund policy:

If for some reason you are unable to attend, we are happy to apply your deposit to a future retreat with us. Unfortunately, we do not return deposits. 

Tour Guide and Farm Manager: Julio Lopez

“Julito” Lopez is from Nicaragua and does a wonderful job of managing our team of farmworkers. This team completes most of the hard labor on the farm, and are responsible for its success! They dig, plant, chop, clean, and work all day in the tropical sun to make Rancho Delicioso the “Garden of Eden” paradise that it is.

Learn more about Julio Lopez

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