Learn to make herbal medicine, using local ingredients!

You’ll learn about herbs from our garden, as well as ones that grow wild around the farm. Many of these may grow near you where you live too. What you may have thought were weeds actually may be medicine!

Herbal medicine making class

Even if you learn to recognize them, and know what healing powers they may hold, how do you prepare them to get their benefits? There are so many ways. Powder, tinctures, salves, oils, and so many more.

Herbal medicine WAS medicine only a hundred years or so ago, when it was mostly replaced by modern allopathic medicine, driven by huge pharmaceutical companies, who aren’t focused on healing, but treating symptoms that never go away. Cures just aren’t good business these days.

Learning herbal medicine takes a lifetime of study, but this course will teach you the basics and inspire you to start your journey to learn more.

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