Also known as “Kensanity” this HIIT class is FREE and runs from 9-10am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Our instructor, Ken Jordan, pushes us to our limits and beyond, with an intense series of exercises designed to hit every muscle in your body. Expect lots of push up, burpees, squats, punches, kicks, and discover muscles you never knew you had. It’s like an entire boot camp, with dance music, in 50 minutes.

Is it hard? YES, very difficult! We don’t really recommend it for people who are on vacation and wanting to relax. However, it can be very inspiring for those who aren’t in good shape, to see out people, some in their fifties or even sixties getting through an entire hour of this. For many, it’s very motivating to think that YOU TOO can be this fit if you just come to class with us three times per week.

Originally this was an official Insanity class, taught by registered instructor Jon Pitcher, but when he moved back to the U.S. and left us without an instructor, we took it upon ourselves to keep going. Over three years later, we’re still going strong, with Ken Jordan’s own improved version. The main change is that he made the classes lower impact on our ankles, knees and hips, so there’s now far less jumping than before.

So if you’re like to really get in shape, lose weight, or just be a lot stronger, come join us for Kensanity.

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