Daily life starts early here. A group of travelers may be readying for a surfing trip or yoga lesson before the sun has risen. The farm is a hive of activity, with people from all over the world visiting us to participate in our way of life. There is plenty to keep us all busy, and we love it that way.

The vision of Rancho Delicioso is to create an organic community of eco-minded artists, especially those involved in the performance arts and yoga.

Geoff McCabe, Founder of Rancho Delicioso

We are located on the stunning southern Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. We have lush tropical rainforests all around us. We are spoiled with numerous surfing beaches, and close to beautiful local communities. The surrounding landscape has molded our farm and made it what it is today.  We have permanent residents and workers that live on the farm, and we have built a wonderful community here. We would love to welcome you to our slice of paradise, and experience a totally different way of life!

Many people know Costa Rica for its golden beaches and tropical wildlife. However, not so many know that Costa Rica is 99% powered by renewable energy, and is one of the only countries that does not have a military. This makes it a fantastic place for eco-minded people to gather.

On the farm, we grow our food according to permaculture principles. This means working with nature, in a holistic way, instead of against it. We produce a bounty of healthy fruits and vegetables and local eggs from our wonderful chickens. We use a lot of this homegrown produce at our local restaurant, “The Wonderland Restaurant”.

We have some wonderful architectural structures on the farm, including our River palace, and the TreeHouse! Some of the teachers here are very knowledgeable about natural building techniques, including cob-housing, and Aircrete

Inside the ‘River Palace’

We run retreats for guests, to fully immerse themselves in every aspect of life here. These retreats include permaculture lessons, yoga classes, wonderful local food, adventures to local surf towns, rainforest walks, surfing lessons, aerial silk classes and more.

Excursion to Anayama’s oceanview yoga shala

We value our community and living true to our values. We enjoy our farm-to-table dinners and eating off the land.

Farm table dinners!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our wonderful retreats, you can find more details here.

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