The tropics are known for lush rainforest, colorful fruit, and wild animals. But did you know there is plenty of Fungi growing here? 

Giant Mushroom and SerafinaEvery few years, we find some incredible mushrooms growing in a shady corner.  Often, they seem connected to the roots of a large Melina tree present on the property. We first think they are gigantic, but then they continue to grow!

Looking at the ones on the top photo, you can see they first started as individual mushrooms, all in a row, but then they formed one giant mass.

They have a lovely patterning, and the top of the mushroom is concave, which allows water to collect after the rain. When the mushrooms were much smaller, they were hard to the touch.

We are friends with a mushroom expert who lives in Cabuya. He gave me a quick piece of advice, which was to avoid them at all costs. Many of these are incredibly poisonous to humans.

Yasmin with giant mushrooms

As they say, “There are old mushroom pickers, and there are adventurous mushroom pickers, but there are no old adventurous mushroom pickers!”

There are plenty more exotic mushrooms around our area, you can check some of the photos out here.

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