Yoga has increased in popularity over the last decade and has become a ritual for many people living hectic and busy lives. Yoga is a form of meditation and can be practiced in your bedroom by yourself, or with a group in a class. Yoga provides a host of mental and physical benefits to those who practice. 

There are many different types of yoga, practiced all over the world. Hatha, which is a combination of different styles, is more physical in nature. It combines breathing exercises, yoga postures, and meditation.

Some of the benefits of practicing yoga regularly:

  • Mindful eating

Mindfulness is that act of self-awareness in the moment and withholding any judgment at that time. The practice of Yoga has been shown to increase one’s ability to be mindful, outside of class. Researchers have discovered that people who practiced yoga were less likely to eat food when full, sad or stressed and were more aware of the taste, smell and appearance of the food they consumed.

  • Weight loss

Yoga is also linked with increased weight loss, and weight management, amongst groups who practice yoga for at least 30-minutes a week, over a period of 4-years. This may be due to the fact that people who enjoy fitness are more likely to practice yoga – however – researchers have also attributed this in some part to mindfulness. They found that those who practice were more likely to develop a positive relationship with food. 

  • Fitness enhancement

Yoga is also a great activity to enhance the capacity of people to exercise. This is because it increases muscle strength and flexibility, and cardiovascular health. This means people are more able to participate in other activities, outside of their yoga. 

  • Cardiovascular health

Many smaller studies have shown that Yoga has a significant positive impact on reducing many cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension. 

Overall, yoga is a great practice for many reasons. We suggest you give it a try, and if you love it, come join us on one of our yoga retreats!

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