Meet Bambi – our baby deer friend!

This cute animal became part of the family here at Rancho Delicioso. Animal care is a daily duty, and everyone relished the opportunity to feed Bambi when she came past for her daily feed!

Bambi appeared one day, and we found her among our goats. It seems that she latched onto the only herd that she could find. We suspect her mother was killed by local poachers – despite hunting being illegal in Costa Rica, many still break the law. 

Once we realized she needed our help, we began by giving her raw cows milk from the neighbor’s farm (as it contains the complete nutrients for a baby animal). She began to grow stronger and wandered into the woods from time to time. Sadly she began to take to our vegetable garden, particularly the squash and zucchini, and since you are not allowed to enclose or chain deer in Costa Rica, we had to move her on. 

We drove Bambi to a wild area where we had frequently seen deer herds and released her into the wild. We imagine that she is happily roaming around the local area, and has found a herd to live with. We hope to see her again around these parts one day!

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